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Our Mission 

  Our mission is to provide quality affordable acupuncture treatments, making the benefits of acupuncture more accessible to our community.

At our clinic, you will receive acupuncture in a group treatment room. This is how acupuncture is traditionally practiced in Asia, where frequent treatments are offered in a community setting with great success.

​​TUESDAY - THURSDAY             9 am - 1 pm          SATURDAY                               10 am  -2 pm 

​We accept payment on a sliding scale.                    
We do not require income verification. 
Our sliding scale is  $25-$55 per treatment.*
*There is a one-time $25 new patient paperwork fee  the first visit.​

If our fee schedule is a financial hardship for you please speak with us and we will make adjustments if possible. 

​​​Acupuncture for All:   Green Valley, AZ 

​​​​​​a community acupuncture clinic




125 W Calle De Las Tiendas #101 A


We will be closed Saturday, March 31st

and Tuesday, April 3rd.     Happy Easter!